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On 12/12/2018 09:15, Wiktor Kwapisiewicz via Gnupg-users wrote:

>> Coming soon to Fedora30 (rawhide), gnupg v1.4.x renamed to gnupg1. Also dropping keyserver support at Werner's suggestion since upstream plans to disable that soon.
> Source:
> Does anyone know anything about dropping keyserver support in GnuPG? That seems
> a little bit radical but maybe I've missed something...

I feel that I've missed a memo too.

I've never liked public keyservers either.  Or, rather, the way they are
normally used.

I especially dislike how beginners' tutorials encourage their users to
upload just-made keys to public keyservers before they (the users) have
even learned how to use GPG with any degree of fluency... or even
confirmed that their new keys are appropriately made or configured.

Can somebody please point me to a more authoritative source of this
keyserver news?  Did Werner himself write anything about this?  If it's
true, then I welcome it too.

On a highly related topic...

My subkeys expired on Monday, 10/12/2018.  I've updated my subkeys with
a new expiration date (in one year).  I'm considering NOT uploading the
new public keys to the keyservers.  Rather, I will distribute them using
other channels, such as downloading from my personal website or sneakernet.

Should I issue and publish a revocation certificate?  Will this cause
problems considering that I'm still using the same master key?

Kind regards,

EB28 0338 28B7 19DA DAB0  B193 D21D 996E 883B E5B9

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