Keyserver access changes in GnuPG

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Thu Dec 13 00:00:18 CET 2018

Wiktor Kwapisiewicz via Gnupg-users wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently saw a message from one of Fedora's maintainers:
>> Coming soon to Fedora30 (rawhide), gnupg v1.4.x renamed to gnupg1. Also dropping keyserver support at Werner's suggestion since upstream plans to disable that soon.
> Source:
> Does anyone know anything about dropping keyserver support in GnuPG? That seems
> a little bit radical but maybe I've missed something...

This only applies to the gnupg-1.4.x packages in Fedora.

Fedora 30 will ship with gnupg-2.x as /usr/bin/gpg (with
keyserver support intact).

The packages from the 1.4.x branch will be installed as
/usr/bin/gpg1 for users who want to keep using it.  Dropping
the keyserver and photoviewer helpers is part of the next
planned release from the 1.4.x branch, which is being
tracked in

Hopefully that helps clarify things a bit and removes any
worries that Fedora is stripping keyserver support from the
default /usr/bin/gpg.

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