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My experience is that gpg 2.2 seems to be more suited for the desktop environment than for a server environment or a remotely administered site.  We've been using gpg 1.4 (yes I know it is old) in batch mode for many years in a Red Hat environment.  Our server environment has grown increasingly restricted.  The gpg 2.2 windows pop up prompt is a real pain.  Another group that I used to do work for, just quit using gpg because they could not find a way around the pop up prompt in remote, batch installations.


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Hi Peter,
We need passphrase, but passphrase should be enter via code not from windows popup prompt.

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Aneesh Varghese

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On 31/01/18 13:19, Aneesh Varghese wrote:
> is it possible to avoid the windows popup for entering the passphrase?

The simplest way to avoid the popup is to remove the passphrase from the private key.

The private key is stored on your hard disk. If there is no passphrase on the private key, anybody with access to your hard disk can decrypt files. They can also do anything else with your key.

So you need to make sure that only you have access to the hard disk.

Is this acceptable?



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