FuzzyDrawrings fuzzy_drawrings at protonmail.com
Sat Feb 3 06:25:05 CET 2018

I don't know if this is an error in the documentation, but I cannot obtain the sha256 result here:

| A.2.  Sample EdDSA signature
|    The signature is created using the sample key over the input data
|    "OpenPGP" on 2015-09-16 12:24:53 and thus the input to the hash
|    function is:
|    m: 4f70656e504750040016080006050255f95f9504ff0000000c
|    Using the SHA2-256 hash algorithm yields the digest:
|    d: f6220a3f757814f4c2176ffbb68b00249cd4ccdc059c4b34ad871f30b1740280

I can obtain m, no problem. But fail to obtain d as m's sha256 digest.

Instead I repeatedly get:
d: 30d3de39f655d86b516058ae8c483f1a2cc10f0048882794655d4ce910abb7d6

Can anyone check if they are able to get the result shown in the documentation? And if so, is there anything else in addition to m that is input for the sha256 hash?

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