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Sun Feb 18 10:39:46 CET 2018

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 10:36:28AM +0800, Genghuang Wang wrote:
> Hello, everybody as the Gnupg user

Well, Robert made an excellent point in his response and, indeed, it
is a point of view I share.

However, I felt in need of a laugh, so I at least had a look at this
thing and I certainly did get to laugh ...

> I download the Huawei manual about Gnupg from
> The English version is the OpenPGP_Signature_Verification_Guide.pdf

Yeah, there's some kind of special in there ... and so many things wrong.

Robert mentioned licensing issues in his post and I can confirm that
there's no concerns regarding any licensing breach in relation to
GnuPG.  Nor is there any use of GnuPG documentation in that file.

> Could you please take a look at it and make some suggestions to
> Huawei to improve it. Thank you!

I could ... but I won't because they're not paying me anywhere near
enough to fix that.


LOL, no ...

For everyone else, though, it's really quite easy to avoid licensing
conflicts if you compile your custom thing against the OpenSSL library
instead of any of the GnuPG ones.  How useful such theing might be
when dealing with OpenPGP compliant data can be left as an exercise t
for others.

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