wotmate: simple grapher for your keyring

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Thu Feb 22 05:33:05 CET 2018

u wot m8


Nice tool; thanks for sharing!


On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 09:59:01AM -0500, Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:
> Hi, all:
> I've been maintaining the kernel.org web of trust for the past 5+ years,
> and I wrote a number of tools to help me visualize trust paths between
> fully trusted keys and those belonging to newer developers.
> I finally got a chance to clean up the code, and I hope it's useful to
> others:
> https://github.com/mricon/wotmate
> If you think this is very similar to the PGP Pathfinder tool on
> https://pgp.cs.uu.nl, then you are right, but there is an important
> distinction. Wotmate does not require that a key is in the "strong set"
> before you can track paths to it, and you also don't have to wait for
> days before new signatures are reflected in the wotsap file.
> Example usage (assuming you have Linus Torvalds' key in your keyring):
> ./make-sqlitedb.py
> ./graph-paths.py torvalds
> eog graph.png
> Best,
> -- 
> Konstantin Ryabitsev
> Director, IT Infrastructure Security
> The Linux Foundation

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