enigmail with pgp 2.2.4

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu Feb 22 14:19:14 CET 2018


On Thu, 22 Feb 2018 11:04, bereska at hotmail.com said:

> gpg: skipped packet of type 12 in keybox

Are you sure this if gpg 2.2.4 ?  The error looks more like this is a
gpg version < 2.1.20.

Type 12 are ring trust packets which are used internally by gpg.  The
code which shows this error is 

      /* Filter allowed packets.  */
      switch (pkt->pkttype)
        case PKT_PUBLIC_KEY:
        case PKT_PUBLIC_SUBKEY:
        case PKT_SECRET_KEY:
        case PKT_SECRET_SUBKEY:
        case PKT_USER_ID:
        case PKT_ATTRIBUTE:
        case PKT_SIGNATURE:
===>    case PKT_RING_TRUST:
          break; /* Allowed per RFC.  */

          /* Note that can't allow ring trust packets here and some of
             the other GPG specific packets don't make sense either.  */
          log_error ("skipped packet of type %d in keybox\n",
          free_packet(pkt, &parsectx);

Thus a ring trust packet can't show this error.  Note that the comment
in the default case is misleading.



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