generate key using specific cipher

Eugene M. Zheganin emz at
Mon Feb 26 05:40:30 CET 2018


I'm trying to learn how to use gpg/libgcrypt with GOST cryptography 
(actually I'm moving from openssl, where GOST is deprecated due to poor 
code quality to the gpg/libgcrypt software, where GOST is present since 
1.7.0), and since the entire crypoto subsystem is (from my point of 
view) is overcomplicated, I'm lacking some simple skills - for instance, 
how do I generate an x509 csr/key with GOST (is it even possible) ? In 
openssl I would do something like "openssl req -newkey gost2001 -pkeyopt 
paramset:A -keyout foo -out bar" and this would do the trick. In 
gnupg.... well, I'm looking at the documentation right now but just 
cannot find the clue.



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