PGP Clean Room GSoC Mentoring

Jacob Adams tookmund at
Mon Feb 26 21:33:29 CET 2018

Hello all,

I'm a prospective student for Debian's Google Summer of Code 2018 and
I am interested in working on a project that may be of interest to
those on this mailing list and that requires at least one more
co-mentor to move forward.

The biggest hurdle I faced when setting up my GPG key was creating and
storing it offline. Many live cds like TAILS can be manipulated for
this purpose, but are not designed for it and require quite a bit of
space for what is otherwise a relatively small amount of information.
I am looking to create a proper interface for a PGP Clean Room Live CD
that walks a user through setting up a set of USB flash drives or sd
cards as a raid disk, generating new GPG keys, storing them there, and
then exporting subkeys either on a separate USB stick or a security
key like a Yubikey. I'd also like to add the ability to do things like
revoke keys or extend expiration dates for them through the
application. You can see more of the ideas behind the project here:

Daniel Pocock has already agreed to be the primary mentor for this
project, but he will most likely be involved in at least one other
GSoC project. I've sent out a few emails in Debian but have received
no reply as yet so I'm reaching out to the wider open source
You can find the Mentor Guide here:

Someone with experience in python, especially python's GPGME bindings,
would be much appreciated.


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