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On Tue, 16 Jan 2018 16:34, stefan.claas at said:

> the public key. He / she is not forced to provide any identity via other
> web sites etc. Doing this is a method they have implemented as sort

I know, but's goal is (or was, back when I tested it) to use
those connections to somehow prove an identity.  It is a neat idea for
the facebook generation.  Privacy is something different.

> Why do i prefer over the old key server system? Because
> i am in control of my public key there, so that nobody can do funny

They are in control of your key - not you.  You can ask them to do
something without key but in the end the owners of this service decide
what they allow you to do and what key they want to publish or stop
publishing.  Or to shutdown their service.

Compare that to the keyservers: They have been around for 25 years and
you can still find all keys ever uploaded there (I am not sure whether
PGP 2.3 keys are still supported, though).  There is no single entity
controlling this network.

> Understood, but what speaks against a (syncing) public key server
> system like the old key server was, compared to the regular

As Robert already noted: The keyserver was a single database
under the control of one entity which did for technical reasons not
syncing with the keyserver network.  IIRC, in the early days Randy
sometimes uploaded keys to the keyserver network but never imported



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