Will gpg 1.x remain supported for the foreseeable future?

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Wed Jan 17 05:31:53 CET 2018

On Tue 2018-01-16 20:10:38 -0800, Dan Kegel wrote:
> When I try to use gpg to manipulate secure apt repositories in the
> real world, my head explodes.

hi there!  what kind of manipulation are you doing of secure apt
repositories with gpg?

are you talking about signing the repo as an author? or about
configuring for a client? or distributing public keys for the repo?  or
about verifying signatures as a client?

each use case is slightly different, but there should be reasonable,
non-head-explode-y tooling available for all of them.


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