Keys clean of all signatures except those made by others I trust

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Jan 23 22:55:20 CET 2018

> From the man page:

Note that this can be done in a bash one-liner:

$ for x in `gpg --list-keys|grep "[A-F0-9]\{40\}"|sed 's/ //g'` ; do gpg
--edit-key $x clean save ; done

Or in Windows Powershell:

> ForEach ($keymatch In &gpg --list-keys|Select-String -Pattern
"[A-F0-9]{40}") { &gpg --edit-key $keymatch.ToString().Trim() clean save;}

... There are undoubtedly half a dozen ways to do this quickly.  But if
you're looking for one, these will do.

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