How to avoid Passphrase prompt

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Thanks for your reply..
How can we decrypt a file without passphrase prompt? Passphrase is entered via code.

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On 31/01/18 07:12, Aneesh Varghese wrote:
> How to avoid the passphrase prompt while decrypting the file in the
> version gnupg-w32-2.2.3_20171120.

You can remove the passphrase from the private key by:

gpg --edit-key KEYID

Just enter the old password but keep the "new" fields blank. GnuPG will
prompt whether you're sure you want to remove the protection of the key.
Choose "Yes, protection is not needed".

It will prompt multiple times when you have subkeys. It would be
possible to remove passphrase protection from just the encryption
subkey, but leave it on the rest. But this appears to be a bit awkward
as the prompt doesn't tell me which subkey I'm currently changing the
passphrase for...

There's also a way to supply the password up front, which would still
keep the on-disk private key encrypted. But this is more cumbersome, and
you don't say whether that is needed or not, so I'm just mentioning it,
not working it out.

More in general, it helps if you explain more about your situation and
your goals.



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