How to avoid Passphrase prompt

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Hi Peter,

Currently I am able to decrypt the file using passphrase (passphrase entered via windows popup), is it possible to avoid the windows popup for entering the passphrase?

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Aneesh Varghese

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On 31/01/18 12:47, Aneesh Varghese wrote:
> Thanks for your reply..
> How can we decrypt a file without passphrase prompt?

I don't understand what you want me to explain.

A file is decrypted by using the private key. If the private key is
passphrase-protected, you will need to enter that passphrase. I
explained how to remove the passphrase from the key.

The private key is stored as a file on your hard disk. If there is no
passphrase to protect it, anybody with access to the file can use the
private key. They can also decrypt files, and use the key however they
want. This is why it has passphrase protection normally.

> Passphrase is entered via code.

I don't understand what you mean.



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