Forwarding both gpg and ssh agents

Chris Coutinho chrisbcoutinho at
Mon Jul 16 23:35:15 CEST 2018

Thanks for your reply Peter, the ForwardAgent flag is exactly what I was 
looking for. Although some sources note the potential security holes of 
using this method, it works great for my use case


On Jul-16-18, Peter Lebbing wrote:
>On 16/07/18 12:36, Chris Coutinho wrote:
>> I have a few remotes where I would also like to forward my ssh-agent
>Have you played with OpenSSH's ForwardAgent option or its -A command
>line argument counterpart? I'm fairly sure I had success with it in the
>past with an authentication key on an OpenPGP smartcard, but it's quite
>a while back.
>I use the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) in combination with Enigmail.
>You can send me encrypted mail if you want some privacy.
>My key is available at <>

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