Expire a single UID

Max-Julian Pogner max-julian at pogner.at
Mon Jun 11 10:30:23 CEST 2018

Hello there!

I have quite a problem with properly bisecting a UID from my key. Maybe
someone can help me?

Here's the situation:

This is currently my GnuPG-Key, and will remain my primar key:

However, my contract with OpenResearch changes from freelancer to
hired-employee. As a consequence, i will stop using my own
Infrastructure but using their pc. Therefore, i will also read and write
emails from the new work-pc.
But i do not want to copy my secret key 0x2D40BDB44401A8AA to the new
work-pc (which is very much their property and not under my full
administrative control but under their company-it administrative control).

Therefore, my current plan is to simply generate a completely new secret
key with UID max-julian.pogner at openresearch.com. This also will not be a
problem with the customers where gnupg is actually in use (less than 5
persons to be honest).

Now there is a problem: Then there will be two keys published for
max-julian.pogner at openresearch.com! This surely will cause confusion.

*) should i revoke the uid on the old key? => However, as far as i know,
the secret key is not / was never compromised.
*) the UIDs were certified by me and by other persons without expiration
dates. => I can change the expiration date of the primary key and
subkeys using "gpg2 --edit-key" and "expire", but the UID remains valid
*) Also, other persons have signed the UID
max-julian.pogner at openresearch.com at key 0x2D40BDB44401A8AA without
expiration date. What should they do?

Thanks for any hints!


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