Listserver maybe misconfigured?

Mark Rousell markr at
Mon Jun 18 19:18:36 CEST 2018

On 18/06/2018 17:23, Juergen BRUCKNER wrote:
> Hello guys,
> could it be happen that the Server for the Mailinglists is
> kinda misconfigured?
> My weekly DMARC-Report says that sent in sum 477 Mails in the
> name of the Domain '' last week.
> ---snip---
> <>
> <> 	
> Total 	SPF Aligned 	DKIM Aligned
> 251     0%              0%
> 2001:aa8:fff1:2100::57
> <>
> Total 	SPF Aligned 	DKIM Aligned	
> 226     0%              0%
> ---snip---
> Any Ideas?

Isn't that expected and correct behaviour? You post to the list and the
list server forwards your messages (as well as the messages of all other
posters) to list members. The From address of your forwarded emails is
quite correctly shown as the From address of the emails as you sent them.

This is exactly how mail lists have worked for decades and is entirely
normal and correct.

However, due to problems with domains that advertise p=reject DMARC
policies, more and more mail lists are now choosing to munge From
addresses to show messages as being sent from the list address (e.g.
"From: Juergen BRUCKNER via GnuPG Users <gnupg-users at>" instead
of the correct "From: Juergen BRUCKNER <juergen at>") but this
list does not do this. If this was done, it would prevent your
list-forwarded emails showing up in your DMARC report.

I note that your domain appears to have a p=none policy so,
if I understand all this correctly, it should not matter to you.

In short, there is nothing to worry about (as far as I can see).
Everything is working as it should.

Mark Rousell

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