gpgme_op_delete_ext flag GPGME_DELETE_FORCE not working?

Mike Inman mangocats at
Tue Jun 19 03:34:09 CEST 2018

I've been trying to use the GPGME_DELETE_FORCE flag in gpgme_op_delete_ext,
but I'm still getting not one, but two "Do you really want to delete..."
prompts popping up, one for the secret key, one for the sub-key.  I am
using GPGme version 1.11.1 in combination with gpg 2.2.8 (as confirmed by
runtime query of the versions) built from the git repos by checking out the
following tags:git checkout npth-1.5
git checkout libgpg-error-1.31
git checkout libgcrypt-1.8.2
git checkout libksba-1.3.5
git checkout libassuan-2.5.1
git checkout gnupg-2.2.8
git checkout gpgme-1.11.1

I found this reference in the gpgme 1.10.0 changelog:
*src/engine-gpg.c (gpg_delete): Likewise. Implement GPGME_DELETE_FORCE.*
* the key deletes from the keyring as expected, but the behavior is as if
the flag has not been implemented in 1.11.1.  Should I expect the
GPGME_DELETE_FORCE flag to work as described here?
*gpgme_op_delete_ext* *(gpgme_ctx_t ctx, const gpgme_key_t key,
unsigned int flags)*

SINCE: 1.9.1

The function gpgme_op_delete_ext deletes the key key from the key ring of
the crypto engine used by ctx.

flags can be set to the bit-wise OR of the following flags:

SINCE: 1.9.1

If not set, only public keys are deleted. If set, secret keys are deleted
as well, if that is supported.

SINCE: 1.9.1

If set, the user is not asked to confirm the deletion.

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