Aaron Tovo aarontovo at
Wed Jun 27 05:10:54 CEST 2018

'gpg2 -k' gives me the following error:

    $ gpg2 -k
    gpg: invalid item 'BZIP2' in preference string
    gpg: invalid default preferences

But 'gpg -k' works fine. However, I to use gpg2 in my
Thunderbird-with-Enigmail email client because I've read in a few places
that gpg2 is better for desktop purposes
<>. Also, Enigmail rejects gpg because
/usr/bin/gpg is 'out of date' (meaning it's not gpg2, I think) and seems
to REALLY want gpg2.

The error message makes it sound like the problem is in my gpg2
configuration. I don't see any zip settings in .gnupg2/gpg.conf nor do I
see a 'preferences string'.

I'm not sure when this started happening because I've been going without
Enigmail for a while on this computer.

How can I correct the preference string?


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