gnupg SmartCard V3.3

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Mar 1 17:16:50 CET 2018

On Thu,  1 Mar 2018 10:08, kr at said:

> i found this ct 2017-10 (german computer magazine) Article,
> where they claim the reader to be working with the openpgp smartcard Version 2.1 
> by transfering precreated 4096-Bit keys. This is exactly what i am

Well most drivers work on Windows because they fix them using their
Windows drivers.  This does not work on Linux because tehre is no
generic (and proprietary) driver for them.

> So either i am doing something stupid or the V3.3 card incorporated changes which broke this.
> I ordered another reader and asked if it would be possible do buy some
> 2.1 cards for cross-tersting, but it seems they would have to be

The interface part of the 3.3 cards is not different from the 2.1 cards;
the chnages are just in the OpenPGP card application which counterpart
is in GnuPG.

> Can anybody suggest how i could further debug the --card-edit and --card-status to find out why the stubs are not being generated?

Now, are you on 2.1.11 or 2.2.3?



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