GPG is not working because of gpg.conf

Ben McGinnes ben at
Mon Mar 5 19:30:16 CET 2018

On Mon, Mar 05, 2018 at 01:24:28PM +0100, Werner Koch wrote:
> gpg searches for its configurarion file in this order (I use 1.4.23 as
> example):
>   gpg.conf-1.4.23
>   gpg.conf-1.4
>   gpg.conf-1
>   gpg.conf
> The first existing one is used.  This allows to have separate
> configuration files for different gpg versions.  But take care, the GUI
> configuration dialogs parse and modify only gpg.conf.

Good to know, but will a version of GPG always select the highest in a
listor the closest number to its own version number if there's not an
exact match?

So if we slightly modify that example and say we have these conf

 1. gpg.conf-1.4.23
 2. gpg.conf-1.4.20
 3. gpg.conf-1.4
 4. gpg.conf-1
 5. gpg.conf

Now if I'm using 1.4.21, will it select the closest version number
(1.4.20) or the highest (1.4.23)?

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