OpenPGP card bricked

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Tue Mar 13 10:54:25 CET 2018

Matthias Apitz <guru at> wrote:
> After a power-off reset of my laptop the OpenPGP Card seems to be
> damaged. The pcscd can't read the card anymore. It gives up with:
> ...
> 00006225 commands.c:244:CmdPowerOn Card absent or mute
> 00000052 ifdhandler.c:1213:IFDHPowerICC() PowerUp failed
> 00000017 eventhandler.c:301:EHStatusHandlerThread() powerState: POWER_STATE_UNPOWERED

If it's really hardware problem, I can't help, but...

> What can I do?
> Identiv uTrust 3512 SAM slot Token

I believe that GnuPG's in-stock driver just works fine with this reader,
because it runs at TPDU level exchange.

Please try without PC/SC-lite, and see how it goes.

With following ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf, you can get debug log.

================ ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf
debug-level guru
log-file /some/where/scdaemon-debug.log

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