Stupid Symantec

Steven Maddox s.maddox at
Thu Mar 15 16:26:10 CET 2018

At the place I work they unfortunately use stupid Symantec's "Encryption
Desktop" (formerly known as PGP Desktop) software.	
The desktop portion of that software has an OS/kernel level driver that
watches if you're trying to open a PGP encrypted file... then decrypts
it on the fly and finally passes it to the application that'd normally
open it.	
I'm the only Linux desktop user here at work and I only call Symantec
*stupid* because they seem to find it funny to support Ubuntu 14.04 all
the way to 14.04.4 ... but not 14.04.5.  Basically 14.04.5 has a newer
Linux kernel which breaks the driver, if they could just fix that -
they'd also find it is magically fixed for Ubuntu 16.04 too (as it's the
same issue in the kernel that uses too).	
This is especially infuriating as they refer to any request to fix this
as a "Feature Request"... which is laughable if you consider the idea of
this happening if Windows got a new service pack, that'd get classified
instantly as a bug to fix.	
Anyway I can either continue to bitterly rant or convince my employers
to switch product.  Does GnuPG have a similar kernel module/driver for
an as-you-open-a-file type experience?	
If this doesn't exist in the main GnuPG project then I'd be happy to be
referred to any 3rd party bits of software (even if commercial or
proprietary) that could?	
I understand if the answer *should* be block-level encryption... but
they're intend on file-level.	
Steven Maddox

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