Stupid Symantec

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Fri Mar 16 06:03:24 CET 2018

On 03/15/2018 07:58 PM, gnupg at wrote:
> yes, luks full disk encryption would be best of course but if
> boss says no, ecryptfs file system encryption might be
> acceptable. every file in an ecryptfs-mounted file system is
> individually encrypted. encrypting their names as well is
> optional. and it's easy enough to setup. and i haven't detected
> any performance penalty (except when running du, just don't).
> and i'm fairly sure ubuntu has this built-in for home directory
> encryption but i don't know which versions.
It goes back to at least 14.04, probably much farther. I haven't done
many fresh installs of the older versions. I did two fresh installs of
12.04, with everything since being upgrades (I only use LTS versions now).

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