Stupid Symantec

Steven Maddox s.maddox at
Fri Mar 16 14:16:54 CET 2018

I get the impression they want the decryption happening on the end users

Presumably so that if any users got the idea to just 'upload' a file
online - it'd be the encrypted version of that file.  Course someone can
just get around that by opening an encrypted file - then just saving it
to a new local location :D

But I don't make the rules around here.

Steven Maddox

On 16/03/18 13:07, Phil Susi wrote:
> On 3/16/2018 4:11 AM, Steven Maddox wrote:
>> Yeah I just use LUKS on my PC to protect local files, but this is (as
>> above) for files on SMB/Windows shares... sorry for not mentioning that
>> sooner.
> I believe you can enable EFS on the windows server and it will handle
> decrypting the file before sending it over SMB.  Then you don't need any
> special software or configuration on the clients.

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