Users GnuPG aims for? (Re: Breaking MIME concatenation)

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Am Mittwoch 16 Mai 2018 15:46:05 schrieb Martin:
> I think a fundamental discussion is necessary with the question: Who
> should / will use GnuPG in the future?

Note that during one contract in 2016 we came up with some thoughts
in where GnuPG could be heading:

> Two extremes: Only these people who need really to encrypt their
> emails because they are persecuted. But these people learned how to
> handle their email client correctly and these people will write
> text-only also in the future.

The problem stays viewing email contents.

> Or is Email encrypting a need for *every* email user? But there the
> standard today IS that mails are HTML-written and contain links and
> pictures and so on. If GnuPG should be a tool for "everybody" HTML
> mail must be encrypted and decrypted correctly by the clients and
> GnuPG should give any important information,

Personally I believe that it is a need for users to have end-to-end
encryption with email. And it is a legitimate need for users to have
some markup and graphical layout. 

I agree that technically HTML (with it extensions) is a bad format to serve 
this need. Similiar to PDF. One RTF was an approach Nextstep's mail took
and that got some adoption, but not enough. Today it would be some very simple
wiki markup language.

The technical and organisational difficulty is how to control backchannels
and educate and support users to be able to make good decisions about their 
security and the implications and transported files.

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