Users GnuPG aims for?

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> More seriously though, properly marked-up text is demonstrably easier to
> read. That's why people submit academic papers in Latex instead of

Right.  But there is nothing which inhibits a MUA to render a mail in a
more appropriate way.  But the trend is to enforce a certain rendering
on users and by that making mail harder to read for, say, blind people.

It is not only text/html but also the bad habit of writing overlong
lines instead of proper paragraphs.  Reflowing can be better done by
client as long as the sender uses common formatting rules (which can be
enforced automatically).  The reader modes of browser actually present a
better readable version of a web page but I assume they are not easy to
get right.

> around for a long time. So mail clients (no more or less than web
> browsers) have a responsibility to sandbox untrusted content. Plaintext

But the sandboxing does not work because the marketing folks want their
logs and stats on when and how often their mails are being read.  I
often get mails which just say click here to read it in an easier way



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