Slightly OT - i need the proper wording for a signed document

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Thu Nov 1 02:34:30 CET 2018

Hello Stefan.

Am Mittwoch, den 31.10.2018, 18:59 +0100 schrieb Stefan Claas:
> On Wed, 31 Oct 2018 18:53:33 +0100, Stefan Claas wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > i hope this is not to much off-topic...
> > 
> > I recently signed up for the new Service of Germany's
> > Bundesdruckerei*, to obtain a *qualified* X.509 Certificate,
> > which is complaint with the EU's eIDAS regulation.
> Oh... sorry i mean  *compliant* of course!

Compliant to... ^^

To answer your question, even if the answer is not what you expected:

I don't think this would change anything on the reputation on your key.
I even don't think there is any good reason for the EU-Regulation at
all. There is much taste of "get the citizens money for everything" in
it. ^^

The trust level for a key depends on the trust to the signature which
are made for your key. There is no valid reason to trust "Governikus"
or "D-Trust (Bundesdruckerei)" by default at all, especially for people
in foreign countries. Even I don't do this.

Best thing is to verify a key personally.

I would create a file which describes how your key was verified before
signing and the data FPR and UID of your gnupg key, sign this with your
x.509 and create a detached signature with gnupg. Needles to say that
you should use the key mentioned in the PDF.

The wording should not be difficult itself. Something like:
The OpenPGP key

	key data

is signed by Governikus.....
<verification procedure...>

<X.509 cert data> ... signed by ...

And so on.


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