GPG on Android

Wiktor Kwapisiewicz wiktor at
Sat Nov 3 18:49:00 CET 2018

On 03.11.2018 17:04, Yagthara Aghhay-Boor wrote:
> Hello Group,
> I'm very new to GPG and email encryption and looking for a app to use
> gpg and signed email on my android devices.
> Can you recommend me a email app to use with pgp on Android?


I recommend using OpenKeychain [0] with K9-Mail. I'm using this combo
for a long time and never had any real problems.

OpenKeychain also supports hardware OpenPGP tokens [1], this makes the
key setup *very* easy on a new phone (not to mention that Termbot can be
added to the mix to login to remote server via SSH keys derived from
OpenPGP Authentication keys).

Kind regards,




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