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> Hello Juergen,
> thanks for kind explanation about MailDroid :)
Youre very welcome

> Does MailDroid support several different mail accounts using GPG and/or
> S/Mime?
Yes, MailDroid does support several different mail accounts.
You can mix the crypto functions with each account, means you can use
GPG for account A and C, S/MIME for B and combine GPG and S/MIME for D.

I personally recommend the paid version of MailDroid, named "MailDroid
pro" as it has a bit more functions than the free app.
The costs are around 8-10 EUR.

Be aware that you need also the Flipdog CryptoPlugin, in which you
manage keys and certs. It has its own certificate store and acess the
device store as well.

> I am using K9-Mail in conjunction with CipherMail for S/Mime, but CiperMail
> only supports *one* S/Mime account...

Yes this problem is well known

> Thx and regards!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write me. you can
also write directly if you prefer.

best regards from Austria

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>> Hello Masha,
>> as you are new to this whole topic, I guess the easiest way to use
>> encrypted mail (either GPG and/or S/MIME) on a Android device would be
>> the app "MailDroid".
>> It comes in a free version[1] (with advertisings) and in a "pro"
>> version[2] (without advertisings) and supports both GPG and S/MIME.
>> MailDroid also supports POP and IMAP, and works fine with Googlemail.
>> You need to install the additional Flipdog CryptoPlugin[3] on your
>> device, where you import and manage the keys.
>> You have to create the keys for example on a desktop computer and import
>> it to your android device and into the CryptoPlugin.
>> I use MailDroid since several years without any problems, and can fully
>> recommend it for beginners.
>> There is also a app named "K-9 Mail"[4], which supports GPG (but not
>> S/MIME). As far I know you also need several additional software for K-9
>> Mail.
>> In my eyes its not really recommendable for beginners. I tried it years
>> ago and found it a bit complicated to use for myself. But thats a
>> personal opinion.
>> The best would be to try both, MailDroid and K-9 Mail and then make your
>> personal choice.
>> If you need help with MailDroid you can contact me. For K-9 Mail I am
>> sure that here are also some people who can help you with it.
>> best regards
>> Juergen
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> [4]

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