Most secure GPG combination for Mac OS X

Nicholas Papadonis at
Tue Nov 6 12:48:07 CET 2018

Does anyone have suggestions on the most secure and reviewed combination
for bits for sending secure email on OS X?

I noticed that there are two OSX packages for GPG:

          Mac GPG Installer from the gpgtools project
          GnuPG for OS X Installer for GnuPG

Is any one preferred, have more eyes reviewing source, better release
management in terms of security concerns?  Any details?  Am I better off
building from source?

I'm considering using the Mac, however am interested if
Thunderbird is better integrated from a security standpoint.  At the lowest
level, my assumption is that the command line tools can be used to encrypt
/ decrypt blocks of text, which I will also be interested in using.

Appreciate a security experts guidance immersing myself into more secure

(ps please reply to my personal email as well, for some reasons my
subscription request won't go through.  Maybe for accepting that the
confirmation is sent through an insecure channel. :| )

Thank you,
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