Most secure GPG combination for Mac OS X

Ralph Seichter m16+gnupg at
Tue Nov 6 14:27:57 CET 2018

* Nicholas Papadonis:

> I'm considering using the Mac, however am interested if
> Thunderbird is better integrated from a security standpoint.

Apple's on-board Mail requires a plugin to encrypt/decrypt messages.
While GPG Suite ( provides said plugin, it is no
longer free to use. Once the trial period runs out, you won't be able to
encrypt, sign or verify unless you pay for a "support plan".

I suggest you go for Thunderbird plus Enigmail, unless you are really
keen on using Apple software.

If you're willing to stray off the beaten path, you may also want to
evaluate the Notmuch mail system ( I use EMACS
as a frontend for Notmuch, meaning that I have powerful GPG integration
provided by the editor, but there are other UIs as well.


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