Most secure GPG combination for Mac OSX

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Thu Nov 8 08:28:50 CET 2018

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> -   Enigmail and GPGTools are orthogonal components re: Thunderbird.
> Enigmail is something like the interface to the underlying GPG
> implementation.  In many cases on Mac OS X, including mine, this
> underlying implementation is indeed GPGTools (which I use not only for

GPGTools is also based on GnuPG and thus, like Enigmail, an interface to

The discussion here is around the question which binary build of the
very same source to use.  Binary builds differ in some details, for
example which options are included and which compiler is used.  It is
also possible that a binary build comes with a couple of patches
(e.g. Debian has lot of patches to suite their needs).  I am not sure
which patches the various macOS binary distributions use but that can
easily be checked because a binary distribution must always be
accompanied by the exact source code and any non-standard tools used to
build them.

GnuPG is a multi-platform project and we ( provides only
source code and a binary installer for Windows.  We don't yet have a
binary build for macOS.



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