OpenPGP Card V3.3 keytocard error invalid value

Antony Vennard antony at
Thu Nov 8 17:11:11 CET 2018

Hi Gerd,

>> I was previously able to move all three keys to a card. I'm now
>> repeating the exercise on a fresh card.
>> I'm unable to do proceed without getting an error "invalid value" from
>> keytocard. The key type is set correctly on the card in card status (for
>> the key that was selected), but the key is not moved. Sometimes I can
>> move one of my three keys and the others stubbornly refuse to move.
> what driver do you use to connect GnuPG to your card reader?

> I experienced several weird communication problems when using the pcsc driver.
> They all went away after I switched to the ccid driver from GnuPG.

PCSC, as you guessed. Interesting that this should cause issues. I've never had a problem moving RSA keys with pcsc.

I can also report that I was able to move both an S and E key to the card last night, but not an authentication subkey. I am also able to generate an authentication subkey on the card. For my uses, this is sufficient - I want to be able to recover the encryption key should the card be lost or damaged - authentication keys can just be regenerated. 

Unfortunately I'm not sure if this would work if I tried again.

I'll have a more detailed look in the next few weeks when I have time to poke at scdaemon logs, change configs etc. 

> Kind regards,
> Gerd


Kind regards,


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