Utilizing facts of homedir organization

Teemu Likonen tlikonen at iki.fi
Sat Nov 10 09:32:55 CET 2018

Andrew Gallagher [2018-11-10 01:18:30Z] wrote:

> I’ve found parcimonie to be useful. 
> https://gaffer.ptitcanardnoir.org/intrigeri/code/parcimonie/

I found Parcimonie too bloated and complicated. I don't think it is a
good idea to use a daemon for this purpose.

So, like probably many others, I wrote a Bash script that refreshes just
one random key and remembers it. Next time it refreshes again a random
key from what is left. After all keys have been refreshed it starts the
round again. I run the script through systemd's user timer.

The script gpg-refresh, as I call it, is small so I will attach it to
this message. Hopefully it will come through. It is written completely
by me and I place it in the public domain so anybody is free to do
anything they wish with it.

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