Exporting/ importing changes expiration date of subkeys...

gnupgpacker gnupgpacker at on.yourweb.de
Mon Nov 12 18:27:59 CET 2018

and thanks for reply!

> the "classic" version of GnuPG (the 1.4.x series) not only does not
> ... 
> If you upgrade to the modern version of GnuPG on your windows machine,
> and then try to re-import, i think you'll find the merge issue resolved.

GnuPG 1.4.23 is part of GnuPG-Pack with old but convincing GPGrelay
included, which needs older version 1.4x.

Exporting (older) RSA keys should be independent from GnuPG version 1.4x or
2.2x, isn't it?

Importing those keys are working faultless with:
Flipdog CryptoPlugin/ Android-8.1:
OpenKeychain/ Android-8.1 too:
Expiration dates of key and 3 subkeys are correct set to 31.12.2019!

Only importing with R2mail2/ Android-8.1 causes described expiration error.
In my opinion it depends on key structure (1 main key, 3 subkeys for
If using a 'normal' key with 1 main key S/C/A and 1 subkey for E, importing
to R2mail2 works, even if expiration date has been enhanced.

Any hint how to bypass this issue? 
Thx + regards.

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