Exporting/ importing changes expiration date of subkeys...

gnupgpacker gnupgpacker at on.yourweb.de
Wed Nov 14 08:43:19 CET 2018


> well, you said that they imported correctly into other programs, right?
> so maybe the issue is at the intersection of r2mail2 and classic GnuPG.

Yes, same opinion...

> This sounds like a bug in gnupgpack, but i don't see a good way 
> to report bugs at the URL above.

In "Impressum" an email address is provided, I did contact Sebstian by

> GPGrelay should really upgrade to the modern GnuPG suite.  Maybe as a
> user you can ask the author what's blocking them from upgrading?

Did try it several times, but no response. Development seems to be stopped
since 2005...

Thx + regards!

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