Error after secret key list.

Dirk Gottschalk dirk.gottschalk1980 at
Fri Nov 23 18:56:05 CET 2018


Am Freitag, den 23.11.2018, 16:41 +0100 schrieb Werner Koch:
> On Thu, 22 Nov 2018 16:38, gnupg-users at said:

> > After listing the keys, gpg reports: gpg: error computing keygrip

> Looks like you have a garbled key or one with an unknown encryption
> algorithm.  Not easy to pinpoint because that diagnostics comes from
> the deep innards of gpg.

> Do you see any error if you run gpg -k ?  The secret key listing does
> internally a listing of each public key and looks for a macthing
> secret key.

I saw the Listing in the debugging log. I tried this also.
gpg -k does not show this message, but two messages regarding two keys,
one from a person who is known as Werner Koch. Does anyone know this
guy? ;)

These are the messages I get:

gpg: bad data signature from key 2894CD20EE47166D: Wrong key usage
(0x19, 0x2)
gpg: bad data signature from key A588F0D2ABD0CAF6: Wrong key usage
(0x19, 0x8)

I'm not gonna say you messed up your keys. I think, my .kbx is some
kind of messed up. Or did you do nasty things to your key, for testing
purposes? I don't think so.

Could this be the reason for this error message?

I'll delete your key and the other one from my key ring and re-import
it from the servers. Probably this solves the problem.

Deleting the keys re-importing them didn't solve the problem.

Any hints?

Thanks for your help.


Dirk Gottschalk
Paulusstrasse 6-8
52064 Aachen, Germany

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