Problem with focus of pinentry on win7

Bernhard Kleine bernhard.kleine at
Mon Nov 26 09:55:53 CET 2018

I have asked this in the enigmail mailing list and was referred to GNUPG
but Patrick Brunschwig:

> On 26.11.18 09:33, Bernhard Kleine wrote:
>> I use enigmail with thunderbird 60.3.1 on win7. Enigmail asks me
>> regularly for the passphrase via pinentry since I sign my mails. What I
>> have noticed is that
>>  1. the pinentry windows pops up.
>>  2. I engage the passwordsave program to copy the passphrase
>>  3. I try to use alt-tab to refocus on pinentry.
>>  4. Mostly I go not to pinentry but to thunderbird. The focus on
>>     pinentry is lost. That focus had to be reestablished by manual
>>     manipulation.
>> I think this is a bug. It would like to know where the bugreports of
>> enigmail can be placed.
> Enigmail bugs could be reported here:
> *However* this is not a bug in Enigmail. Pinentry is a component of
> GnuPG or gpg4win. Enigmail does not open pinentry, nor can it control
> its focus. In other words, Enigmail does not ask you for your passphrase
> - that's fully controlled by GnuPG.
> -Patrick

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