PGP Authentication with gpg4win+ssh

Jörg Schmitz-Linneweber joerg at
Mon Oct 29 14:25:57 CET 2018

Hi Chris!

Am 2018-10-27 06:03, schrieb Chris Horry:
> I'm trying to get this to work with gpg4win. I have a Yubikey with a PGP key stored and it works just fine. I connect with PuTTY, it connects to the GPG agent and it pops up asking for my Yubikey PIN and away I go.
> My config looks like this:
> Linux side: authorized_keys file has the converted PGP key as RSA keys added.
> Windows side: PGP key is in the Kleopata keyring. gpg-agent.conf has enable-putty-support, gpg-connect-agent is running.
> I also created an Authentication subkey for my other PGP Key, the only difference being it's not on my Yubkiey but in my regular keyring with Kleopatra. This same key works just fine on my Linux boxes when I use it for authentication between them but not in Windows. PuTTY shows no keys available in the agent and thus my login is rejected.
> Is there some setting I'm missing or does gpg4win only support PGP authentication with SSH via a smart card?

I don't know exactly about getting the original gpg-agent to run on Windows.
But I know for sure that it works with a GnuPG card under Windows if you
use the
SmartCard-Auth [ ]
But beware that you need to register (and pay a small amount) with the
/actual version/ of this software...

Salut, Joerg

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