Slightly OT - i need the proper wording for a signed document

Stefan Claas stefan.claas at
Wed Oct 31 18:53:33 CET 2018

Hi all,

i hope this is not to much off-topic...

I recently signed up for the new Service of Germany's
Bundesdruckerei*, to obtain a *qualified* X.509 Certificate,
which is complaint with the EU's eIDAS regulation.

Because PGP signatures are not qualified, nor the pub keys,
i thought to create a little .pdf document containing my
name and my pub key data and give this a qualified signature
and publish it on keybase. The signed document will then
also be detached signed with my current GnuPG key.

The idea behind this is that people who find my pub key on
keybase can be assured that i am the owner of the key.

My pub key bears also a sig3 from Governikus, but i can't
expect that people living outside of Germany understand what
Governikus is and how the Governikus signing procedure works.

So far so good.., since i am no native English speaker i would
like to know what the proper wording would be to put such
statement in the .pdf document and what name should i use
for this document.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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