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Tue Apr 2 13:11:44 CEST 2019

Hello Shweta,

Seeing how you did not start a new thread, I get the feeling we "scared
you off" from posting. That is really unfortunate, and not our intention
at all. I'm sorry if you felt intimidated by the response you got.

It's rather unusual, but I took the liberty of posting your question to
the mailing list again, but now not by replying to an existing mailing
list post but addressing a mail to <gnupg-users at>. And
subsequently answering the question to the extent I could.

Let me conclude by copying the part of the list information page[1] that
pertains to basic rules of conduct. The rules are there to make
communication easier; for instance, if you don't trim your quotes it
becomes an effort just to read the flow of the conversation. People who
might otherwise have insightful stuff to add might have given up
reading. And if someone searches the list archive to find if someone
else was already helped with the same problem they're having, it should
be possible to quickly navigate through large amounts of conversation.
That is also why it's important to have one thread deal with one subject
only (or a set of closely related subjects at least :-).

> The topic of this is list is help and discussion among users of GnuPG.
> This includes questions on how to script GnuPG, how to create or sign
> keys and general discussion on encryption and digital signatures as
> long as it somehow pertains to GnuPG. 
> The contents of all messages sent to this mailing list is assumed to
> be in the public domain but posted code snippets or patches are under
> their respective license. Do not post any material which may not be
> published. Take care before posting; retracting a post is in general
> not possible. Please write only in English, *avoid* *top* *posting*
> *and* *strip* *quotes* to the necessary minimum. 
> Some kinds of postings will not be accepted: e.g. large ones, mails
> without the list name in the To: or CC: header and HTML mails. Your
> mail client does have an option to send plain text only messages; try
> this if you don't get your posting through or notice it in the
> archive.




I use the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) in combination with Enigmail.
You can send me encrypted mail if you want some privacy.
My key is available at <>

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