allow-non-selfsigned-uid issue with key from that contains no identity information

Teemu Likonen tlikonen at
Thu Aug 1 19:18:23 CEST 2019

Daniel Kahn Gillmor via Gnupg-users [2019-08-01T09:27:45-04] wrote:

> Here's one use case (i've got others if you want):
>  * You have my OpenPGP certificate (with userid with e-mail address),
>    but it is not published in full publicly because i do not want people
>    to be able to find anything related to my e-mail address online.
>  * It has an encryption-capable subkey "X" that expires in 1 year, which
>    i use to be able to have deletable messages.  I will destroy the
>    secret component when X expires.
>  * As the year draws to a close, i create a new subkey "Y" and i attach
>    it to my OpenPGP certificate, and i push the updated certificate to
>    an abuse-resistant keystore (like, again declining
>    to allow it to publish my e-mail address.
>  * After the expiration of "X", you want to send me an encrypted mail
>    (as is your habit when mailing me).  You follow best practices and
>    refresh your keyring (fetching certificate updates by primary key
>    fingerprint) from a public, abuse-resistant keystore.  Does your
>    OpenPGP implementation learn about "Y" when it pulls in the update?
>    It should.

To me this sounds very relevant use case and adds one more feature to
the general OpenPGP system. I hope future implementations support
exporting and importing (merging) also partial key block data.

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