PGP Key Poisoner

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Mon Aug 12 16:47:03 CEST 2019

* david at

> putting this code on Github whist demonstrating a point - was foolish

No, it was not. Foolish would be to pretend the conceptual flaw does not
exist, cover your ears with your hands and go "la la la".

> To say that this was in practice and common knowledge for years - it's
> new to me and many thousands of pgp users.

Are you suggesting that people "in the know" should let people with a
potentially harmful lack of knowledge stay blissfully unaware? What good
would that do?

> People Should Not Be Afraid Of Their Government - Their Government
> Should Be Afraid Of The People - When Injustice Becomes Law, REBELLION
> Becomes A DUTY! Join the Rebellion Today! The "Captain's B(L)og"

I think that, in light of your message, is quite a ridiculous signature. advertises itself as a "Capitalist Free Website For
Free Thinkers!" stating "I have no ''beliefs'' no secret agenda's [sic] -
other than to bring you knowledge which you may not be aware of". Well,
some knowledge was brought to you via GitHub, so enjoy. :-)


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