PGP Key Poisoner

Stefan Claas sac at
Tue Aug 13 14:32:31 CEST 2019

Peter Lebbing wrote:

> > I wonder why those SKS key servers are so important to be still in
> > service as of today since we have WKD, Hagrid, keybase, Mailvelope Key
> > Server and Facebook?
> Only people using the SKS keyserver network are affected by this issue.
> You say you don't see a reason to use them. So don't. Tell your
> correspondants to use different methods when they exchange keys with
> you, and you'll never have to interact with the SKS keyserver network
> again. Problem solved; for you. Others will take care of their own.
> Also.... Facebook?
> A lot of the alternatives to the SKS network have some issues regarding
> either a form of trusted third party, or of anonymity. Every service has
> its own trade-offs. And some stand out like a sore thumb. Again...
> Facebook?! :-)

True, I will let them know. Regarding Facebook, yes, I see at as some form
of a key server too because it allows FB users to upload their pub key
to their profile. :-)


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