Slightly OT - mobile OpenPGP usage

Stefan Claas sac at
Sun Aug 25 20:40:54 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I am curious what apps you are using when not at home, to send
OpenPGP compatible email messages? Do you carry a Notebook with
GnuPG or do you use an OpenPGP smartphone app?

Because I do not have a smartphone and I do not want to carry
a Notebook with me I came up with the following solution for me.

Due to some tests I found Mailvelope an OpenPGP extension for
Firefox and Chrome and installed it on my Kanguru Defender 3000
USB stick. Besides the new Mailvelope keyserver I added also Hagrid.
Key management is quite comfortable and messages sending is also
very easy. A lot of free mail providers support Mailvelope.

This set-up allows me to use OpenPGP not only in an Internet Café etc.
but also at work where I can't install a MUA like Thunderbird or even
install GnuPG.

P.S. my posting should not bee seen as an advertisement for Mailvelope
but this is currently a mobile solution I have found for me and maybe
it could be useful for others as well. I am all ears what other mobile
solutions are available and which one you use.


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