Moving sigs from Wins machine to FreeBSD

Jerry jerry at
Thu Dec 5 22:02:46 CET 2019

On Thu, 05 Dec 2019 20:48:01 +0100, Werner Koch stated:

>On Thu,  5 Dec 2019 14:10, Jerry said:
>> I have gpg4win installed on a Win 10 machine. I just installed
>> FreeBSD onto a new PC. I installed GNUPG 2.2.18 and would like to
>> move all of the signatures over to it from the Windows machine. Is
>> that possible and how would be the best way to go about it?  
>All data used by gpg and gpgsm is stored in a platform independent
>format.  For example, moving your GnuPG home directory from a 64bit big
>endian Unix to a 32 bit Windows box will not lead to any problems.
>Data (signed or encrypted files) as created by gpg is per OpenPGP specs
>also platform neutral.  When using the armored format the line endings
>are created as required by the platform; however all kind of line
>endings are accepted by gpg.
>   Werner

So Werner, if I am understanding you correctly, I can just copy the
C:\Users\gerar\AppData\Roaming\gnupg files over to the ~/.gnupg
directory and it will work. Sounds good. Thanks!

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