Partial/fragmented decryption keys

Stefan Claas sac at
Sun Dec 8 21:43:23 CET 2019

Joseph Bruni via Gnupg-users wrote:

> I recall from the early days of PGP that there was a way to create a
> corporate key, fragmented into a certain number of potions, which would
> require some quorum to be able to perform decryption. I pored over the GnuPG
> documentation but could not find an equivalent. Perhaps I’m just getting the
> terminology wrong. Is this still possible in OpenPGP and therefore in GnuPG?

I don't remember that, but you may search (on GitHub) for 'Shamir's Secret
Sharing', which allows you to share a secret with multiple parties and only
if the parties come together they can decrypt the secret.


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