gpg-agent relocation error

Ajax aajaxx at
Wed Dec 11 22:12:01 CET 2019

The command: gpg-agent --version gives me the following output:

gpg-agent: relocation error: gpg-agent: symbol
assuan_sock_set_system_hooks, version LIBASSUAN_1.0 not defined in
file with link time referencel
\------- is linked to  I have a compressed
163K copy which is too large to attach heree on thei list but which
can mail directly if someone can use it to help me.

This version of gpg-agent was built with the following commands:

cd gnupg-2.2.19
make -f build-aux/ native \ INSTALL_PREFIX="$HOME" \
     > ../gnupg-2.2.19.speedo-output \

This is on a Debian 9.11 (stretch) box with a  Linux 4.9.0-11 amd64 kernel.

I have seen this problem for a long time but I remain stumped on it.

What should I be looking for?

Why did not testing the binaries using LD_LIBRARY_PATH show a problem?

What in the speedo outputs indicates that the binaries were tested?

Thank you.



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