Usability of OpenSSL vs GNUPG

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Sun Dec 15 02:05:04 CET 2019

I've been playing around some with OpenSSL recently, and it seems to me that
the OpenSSL command structure is rather convoluted.  I've read a number of
articles, blog posts, etc. that criticize GNUPG and even make the case that
people should stop using it, in large part because of concerns around the
GNUPG command structure and general usability.  Yet I can't recall
encountering any similar complaints about OpenSSL.  I find this somewhat
curious, and am wondering if there are OpenSSL detractors out there that I
simply haven't come across or if the OpenSSL command structure isn't as
complicated as it seems to me.  Or if it seems to others that OpenSSL
doesn't get the same level of criticism as GNUPG does for usability,
although the tools seem to offer a generally similar user experience.  


I suppose that OpenSSL is geared toward a very technical and security-aware
user base, who aren't likely to complain about usability issues - while
GNUPG is a tool that could be used by all sorts of users, some of whom are
definitely not technically inclined or interested in details of information
security.  That alone could explain the difference, I suppose.  But I'm
wondering if anyone has any other thoughts around this topic.





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